I’m a big fan of the market

In order to strengthen the will to revitalize the traditional market, the opening ceremony of the completion ceremony will be held.

The event will be held for two weeks from the 28th to the 6th of next month at the central square of the Gyeongsan Public Market.

During the event, customers who purchase more than 10,000 won will receive generous gifts such as tumblers, shopping carts, and kitchen detergent, and discount coupons will also be distributed to each store.

Meanwhile, the Gyeongsan public market facility modernization project has invested a total project cost of 24.7 billion won to renovate the aging Sangga-dong (C district, fish district) and set up arcades in all sections of the public market to create a pleasant environment where people can shop freely without being affected by bad weather (main and snow) throughout the four seasons.

It is also expected to contribute greatly to revitalizing the traditional market by providing 196 parking facilities (86 parking spaces in District B and 110 parking spaces in District C) and increasing customers’access to the market.

In the future, the Gyeongsan Public Market plans to attract various events around the merchants’association to transform from a merchant-oriented market to a customer-oriented market, something to enjoy, something to buy, and a traditional market with the recognition and old atmosphere that customers come first.

In addition, the company plans to break away from rapid changes in the distribution environment and the COVID-19 era and make self-rescue efforts to revitalize the market by introducing advanced marketing techniques such as building online platforms (such as shopping and nationwide delivery services), customer service improvement, customer response methods, and friendly education.

“While the local economy has contracted a lot due to COVID-19, revitalizing the traditional market is more important than anything else, and we hope that it will be reborn as the best luxury traditional market in the country that can reach customers first with smile, kindness and emotion to revitalize the local economy,” said Choi Young-jo, mayor of Gyeongsan City.

The movie marketer Na Ye-eun’s passionate earning record will be released.

The MBC entertainment program ‘Anyway, Go to Work!’ (directed by Jung Da-hi, Jung Gyeo-woon), which will be broadcast on the 25th (Tue), depicts the day of Na Ye-eun, a fourth-year marketer who leads the film industry based on ‘ Jin’ love for her job.

Na Ye-eun, who expressed an extraordinary sense of mission as she is responsible for the film’s heavy public relations process from after filming to meeting the public, said she is a “learning starter, marketing is a latecomer,”and will show the aspect of a “fate community” of promotion that cannot be separated from the actor.

Ahead of the official event in six months, Na Ye-eun has a busy time with several meetings. After carefully preparing the script for the production briefing session, he also showed off his passion for practicing script reading for professional progress.

Leaving the office and heading to the scene, she begins to take care of all kinds of tasks, 구글상위노출 and Gwang-hee admires her aspect as an “all-player”, saying, “I do a lot of work!”. Na Ye-eun, who had been running fast around, said, “The job satisfaction level is 99%,” adding to the question of a happy Deokup match.

In addition, a vivid production briefing session will be unveiled with Na Ye-eun and actors Lee Sung-min, Park Jung-min, Lim Yoon-ah and Lee Soo-kyung. Amid the actors’pleasant “reality” comments, it is rumored that she, who had been calm, began to sweat as if she were nervous. It stimulates curiosity whether she will be able to finish the event she prepared with all her might.

Then Na Ye-eun picked actor Choi Min-sik as the most memorable figure among the celebrities she worked with. When she revealed the reason for the reversal (?), Kim Gu-ra is said to have deeply sympathized with it, and I am looking forward to the hidden behind-the-scenes story of the film industry.

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