The big fish are coming, but I can’t even get a shortcut

As the ‘equal method’ has been applied to subscriptions for IPOs since this year, investment opportunities for individuals have expanded, and IPOs (enterprise disclosure) of all-time levels are coming up. It is noteworthy when the system will be completed because it is still possible to make duplicate subscriptions between securities firms that have been pointed out as shortcuts.

According to the financial investment industry on the 20th, the system to prevent 폰테크 duplicate subscription is expected to be equipped in June ~ July as soon as possible. Among the large-scale IPOs, it is expected that duplication subscriptions between securities firms will be possible at SKIET (SK IE Technology) and Kakao Bank.

As the ‘equal method’ is applied to half of the subscription amount this year, individual investors who do not have much money have the opportunity to receive the IPO. In the past, it was a way to allocate IPOs in proportion to the amount of margins, so there was a ‘war of money’ to attract the funds as much as possible before the subscription. As a result, small investors who were not allocated a week of high-quality IPOs were highly likely.

The financial authorities then applied an equal method to half of the IPOs in order to give even opportunities to small individual investors. However, using the loophole that it is possible to make duplicate subscriptions between securities firms in the system, individual investors have been caught by ‘accounting Young-Chul (investing by opening an account by attracting even souls)’, which opens a large number of accounts every family number of securities firms. Unlike the intention of giving many investors an opportunity, competition for subscription has again occurred

In particular, SK Bioscience (SK Vasa) collected the largest amount of evidence ever in the subscription that was made ahead of the KOSPI listing last month. Although the uniform method was applied, investors who were not allocated for a week were followed. As individual investors have been caught using multiple subscriptions, some pointed out that it is a shortcut to use loopholes, and the financial authorities have said they will have a system to prevent it.

The Financial Supervisory Commission announced that the IPO general subscription public offering plan will allow securities firms to check whether investors are duplication subscriptions with this system when allocating IPOs, and prevent the IPO from being duplication-allocated for subscribers who have confirmed duplication subscriptions. Regardless of the number of subscriptions, the first subscription will be recognized as valid.

However, as it takes time to have the system, it will be possible to make duplicate subscriptions in the scheduled large-scale IPO for the time being, and there is also concern that the side effects like SK Vasa may be repeated.

SKIET (SK IE Technology) will be offering for two days starting on the 22nd. SKIET is expected to follow SK Group’s large-scale public offerings following SK Biopharm and SK Vasa.

SK Innovation is a subsidiary with a 90.0% stake. In April 2019, SK Innovation’s material business was established by dividing it into materials. It is expected to confirm the public offering price on the 26th after the demand forecast for two days from the 22nd.The subscription will be made by Mirae Asset Securities, the leading shareholder, Korea Investment & Securities, SK Securities, Samsung Securities and NH Investment & Securities

Kakao Bank, which is expected to reach 20 trillion won in market capitalization immediately after the KOSPI listing, received an application for preliminary screening on the 15th. As a result, it is expected to be listed as early as July ~ August, and it is possible that the subscription will proceed in June as soon as possible. Kakao Bank is an Internet bank established in January 2016, the largest shareholder of Kakao. It owns a 31.6% stake.

LG Energy Solutions and Crafton, which are expected to reach the previous level, are also expected to be listed in earnest. LG Energy Solutions was launched at the end of last year after LG Chem’s battery division was independent last year. KB Securities and Morgan Stanley were selected as listed companies.In addition, Kakao Page and Kakao Pay, which are mentioned as ‘Kakao IPO 3 brothers’ along with Kakao Bank, are expected to be listed within the year

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