I found out that I stayed in the same room with Kang Deok-soo and decided to visit Lee Jae-sik.

In fact, detective Shin’s discovery of a crime tool downstream was led by Baram.

So the other DNA that was found in DNA testing belonged to an inmate in prison.

But I just couldn’t get it.​

When he was in prison, he was sure of his alibi, but his genes were found, which Muqi meant he couldn’t understand.

And Muchi is mocking him.
I’m starting to feel better.

Thank you. I’ll keep it secret until I die.​

When I grabbed a brick to hurt Yuna, who learned the secret, I’ll keep the secret, saying she said she’s alive. When I promised, I finally let go of the bricks I held behind me and I felt guilty about trying to kill the child.

That’s why I found Dr. Daniel Lee and Daniel tells Baram in distress that he didn’t kill the child. I heard that Sung Yo-han and Jung Bae-reum are still fighting in their heads, and that the recent murder would have satisfied their desire to kill to a certain extent.

While searching for another piece of evidence, Muqi finds Kang Deok-soo’s body and finds out that a small black box was attached to the bike of the person who reported it.

And Barum is terrified that he might be pictured in a black box.

Since then, he/she tried to look at the black box by visiting the reporter, but the ultra-small black box had been stolen by someone and could not check the video taken at the scene of the incident. The wind was relieved to the core.

However, Muqi, who cannot easily give up the investigation, found out that Lee Jae-sik, an inmate whose DNA was found, once stayed in the same room with Kang Deok-soo, and decided to visit him.

At that time, Hong-ju and Bong were visiting the prison first for a broadcast interview. (Bong started working as a broadcast writer with Hongju’s help.)

Muchi jumped in, saying the investigation of the case was more important even in the middle of an interview, and heard from Lee Jae-sik that Kang Deok-soo took away the clothes he had put on the patch, saying he would wear it on a special day. That’s why Lee Jae-sik’s DNA and Kang Deok-soo’s DNA were found in the clothes with the tools wrapped around them.

And Muchi was even angrier to learn that = had planned the crime on a special day.

On the other hand, Bong questioned that Kim, who is serving time as the culprit behind the serial murder case in Mercury, may not be the real culprit. Bong believed that his uncle confessed due to harsh torture at the time, and he suggested re-examining the incident at the next broadcast item meeting. At least the daughter wants you to know that your father is not the real culprit.

And Bong started digging into the shooting spree again to make it broadcast. With Baram’s help, he searched for evidence items and linked the case of an investigation into the kidnapping of the old order, which was classified as another case, to the serial murder of Mercury.

So I found Jieun, the victim of an unsolved case.
We find out that the signature of the criminal of the Mercury murder was found in the incident at that time.

Bong collected evidence of the new criminal with all his efforts, but he is upset when the broadcast is on the verge of failure due to pressure from his superiors.

When Baram saw it, he told the reporter that Kim’s daughter, who is currently serving time, is the daughter-in-law of a presidential candidate.

It’s making a lot of noise, making us number one on the portal’s.
The station says they’ll stop you from getting pressure.
It allows re-examination of the incident.

Muchi, who learned why Lee Jae-sik’s DNA was discovered, was disappointed, but based on the fact that the clothes he said were found at the pants site were a top, he was convinced that the DNA was not accidentally discovered but planted by the criminal.

In the Sherlock Hongju broadcast, Hongju guessed the culprit as a man in his 20s in military uniform based on the video of Bong taking testimony from the victim of the Guryong incident, and expressed that the culprit of the Suseong incident and the Guryong case were the same person. And Mr. Kim has a congenital hearing disorder and a speech disorder, so it is impossible to talk to the victim, and in the case of the old order, a crescent-shaped apple, the signature of the suspect, was found. He added.

Meanwhile, Muqi, who was watching the show,
Cadmium, a dyeing factory in jeans, is now in his mid-40s.

Lee Jae-sik recites the characteristics of the criminal.
I remember working at a dyeing factory in jeans.

Later, Muchi finds out that Lee Jae-sik was an attempted rapist, unlike Lee Jae-sik’s charge that he was serving a sentence by killing a person while trying to save his daughter who was almost raped.

Lee Jae-sik killed his brother who tried to save his 웹하드 순위 stepdaughter with a brick and was actually the perpetrator. However, he threatened to kill his stepdaughter, who was frightened, perjured her and turned her into a person who was serving time in prison for trying to save her.

Lee Jae-sik guessed the real culprit of the series of violent murders on Mercury and tried to visit him, but Lee Jae-sik had already been released from prison. So Muchi is headed to a grassland where the victim of the place he might have been to has not yet been developed.

He predicted that Lee Jae-sik would be the next target.
You psychopath.​

He expected Lee Jae-sik to be the next target of Kang Deok-soo.

As much as I expected, I’d like to say,
Baram was trying to kill Lee Jae-sik.

At the same time, Bong reported that he found a video of Torrent Kim, which was transferred to a PC by linking the reporter, and clearly saw Baram taken at the scene of the crime in the video.

And Muqi, who headed to the grass to find Lee Jae-sik,
I witnessed the scene where Baram was trying to kill him.

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