He says he has five years of massage experience

Hello, do you have any of you who do not know Seocho Gunman? I am so excited about receiving Seocho Aroma massage that I came to introduce you to the charm as much as I am in love with the fun!I came to introduce you to you because it seems to be very helpful for mental health as well as fatigue recovery !!I am feeling the charm of massage these days, so I am walking around here and there, and I will introduce you to some places that are really good for my standards.

The first Seocho Aroma massage shop is 인천건마 Dayoung, a one-person shop located in Gangnam Station. It is located in Gangnam Station, so it has the advantage of good transportation. So it was a perfect place for me to use public transportation without a car. Mr. Daeyoung, who was beautiful in smile, has excellent skills, and he is very good at cool and clean without being too sick to touch each touch!I went to the first place and I remember it, and I have been going regularly since then.

Maybe you’ll feel the same way if you go! I’ll explain the course. You can get a swedish massage, a rommy massage, a dry massage, an emotional massage. It is 100,000 won for 60 minutes and 130,000 won for 90 minutes !! It was really good to be able to get foot massage, scalp massage and pain care in 90 minutes course. Membership will apply when you make a reservation in advance.

I can be proud that the best quality of the Seocho massage shop is good. Da-young says he has a 5-year massage career with a skin beauty certificate!It’s located 5 minutes’ walk from Gangnam Station exit 4. Business hours are 11 a.m.to 2 a.m

The second Seocho Aroma Massage Shop is Mild located in Yangjae-dong, and I feel that you are managing it with care, so it is a place where you visit frequently. As you are very popular because you are good at massages of aromas as well as Swedish massages, you can wait a little longer if you visit without reservation in advance

When I am tired of my body and mind, visiting Mild and healing have become my only pleasure these days. I don’t know how good it is because I feel like I’m comfortable just staying in the store. The time to get a massage is just heaven for me. You can feel that your teacher’s words that you will make the best healing time were real.

Yangjae-dong Mild, which can receive Swedish massage, aroma massage, dry massage and emotional massage, is 90,000 won for 60 minutes and 120,000 won for 90 minutes. It is a discounted price of 20,000 won each! It is composed of all Korean teachers. All ages are in their 20s and 30s !!I can pride myself on being the best place in Seocho aroma massages. The hours are from 12 a.m. to 4 a.m., and every Sunday is closed.To explain the location, it takes only 3 minutes to walk from the exit 3 of Yangjae Citizen’s Forest Station, so it’s really good to visit

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