A lot of luxury bags.


Golden Goose

Men’s sneakers

News of wearing a popular design size!

Hello~~ Starting today,

The Lunar New Year holiday has begun.

Tadavutik All Station, except on Lunar New Year’s Day.

We’re in business.

Thinking of shopping for luxury goods during the Lunar New Year holidays.

You can come to ^^*.

A lot of students are looking for it these days, so I’m updating the warehousing news.

Golden Goose is love.

He’s especially popular among the 레플리카 students.

Birthday gifts, boyfriend gifts, holiday gifts, graduation gifts, admission gifts

Everyone is popular.

It’s a product that’s actually displayed in the store.

It’s a live-action shoot.

Usually, Dadabutique products are just photographed.

It’s rarely out of stock.

The size that inevitably falls out easily is sold out.

If it is updated, please ask for a quick purchase.

For those of you who have difficulty buying door-to-door purchasing,

Through Naver Smart Store and website

You can buy it online.

If you’re a first-time Golden Goose customer or if you’re not sure about the size,

We’ll talk over the phone so you can choose your size comfortably.

I’m giving you a tip.

The Dadabutik branch is a direct store.

It’s a genuine product that has been officially customs clearance in Italy.

Tadavutik Daejeon Main Branch / Cheongju Branch / Gwangju Branch / Jeonju Branch

It’s in operation. Feel free to contact me for the size of the model name

I’ll check the stock.

Golden Goose models in size.

You should visit a nearby store.

I think you should look around. ^^*

It’s a luxury editing shop that runs online together, so the price is transparent.

a frugal and reliable purchase of luxury goods

Call me before you visit the store.

I will check if there is a model size you are looking for.

Even the editing shops are celebrating their New Year’s Day.

There’s a discount code.^^

Italian Genuine Luxury Editing Shop

Caltotti Coltotti boutique


You’re used to it, right?

A huge discount to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Some normal price and sale products have a 30% discount code!

Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience buying fastballs.
For example, if you received a text message on November 10,

11.10~11.23 You can find it if you search it like this.

☆DHL proxy payment will incur a fee of 16,500 won.

It’s not difficult, so pay for it yourself! Fee X

Carrotti US Battalion Use

The product you included in the Korean settings.

You can’t share other countryside shopping cart.

Please set up the country to use and put it back in.

You can go straight from exit 4 of Nonhyeon Station.

Just in front of the store, there’s a parking lot.

It’s pretty wide.

You don’t have to worry about finding the parking lot.

Products between $150 and $185 after discount

You can use the U.S. shipyard to buy no tariffs.^^

I used to be so into watches.

As you get older, your interests change.

How many watches aren’t wearing?

This Cartier watch is so pretty.

I wear bracelets more often these days.

Why don’t you say good-bye to me?

I just wanted to find out the price.

Not just the bag, but the jewelry, the watch.

Good reviews on second-hand luxury goods.

I made a reservation at Wise Lux in advance.

If I didn’t keep it in the case like that case,

Let me meet a better owner.

I’m gonna meet something new ^^;

I was wondering what it would be like and how much it would cost.

It’s a big deal with second-hand luxury purchases.

We’re at Wislux Gangnam!
You can order without an account!

If you order, you can create an account.

Maxmara Cube Trench than a direct ship.

I like the amount set in the U.S. set amount!

If you look at it directly, there’s no additional taxes.

Use this American shipboard!

Please enter the email address to receive the order-related updates.

Please enter the shipping address in English only.
U.S.-set shipping cost $14.78

☞ Duty plan of $200 or less including shipping cost ($14.78)

Le Mer’s new product is always exciting!

The Caltotti Le Mer collection is always popular, so it’s a flash.

Stone Island Maxmara Montclair Lemer

Telfa Ferragamo Isabelma, Burberry, etc.

DHL direct delivery without using the shipyard.

You can shop quickly and safely to Korea!

And even if it’s not the model you’re looking for,

We’ve got a collection of hot luxury items.

Come and take a look around.

I think it would be good to go shopping.

Happy New Year in 2021!

I hope you have a great holiday.~~

For inquiries, call the store the fastest!!

If you go to the Galleria Department Store in Apgujeong,

There are quite a few small stores nearby.

Weisslux Gangnam branch,

Wow, the scale is really wide.

That’s how active secondhand luxury goods are!

Some people want to sell secondhand luxury goods like me.

What’s that word again?

It means many people come to buy it.

A lot of luxury bags.

Watch, all kinds of jewelry.

Take a quick look at it first!

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