Even if you want to be flexible, you can use it yourself

The COVID-19 virus that no one expected

It’s been almost a year since the whole world was rocked

The Pendemic crisis or the spread of the disease has not subsided

It’s getting worse. The job market is freezing

There are many problems in society, such as shrinking floating populations

It’s happening.

The economic crisis has been going on for a long time

Instead of hiring new employees, they often cut back on their jobs

Private businesses are also trying to reduce fixed spending by reducing sales

It’s a serious blow regardless of the job category, such as sending out employees

More and more people are threatened with their livelihood because of what they wear

I’m here and there to find a way to raise money because I don’t have enough money

More and more people are visiting and getting counseling.

The government can’t just let this happen

We can raise funds at low interest rates by implementing a number of systems

I run a system that I’m in, and there’s a variety of products

But they’re the ones who get people’s attention

What I am is the oldest theory of sunshine.

But in order to get sunlight, there’s a set of standards

We need to figure out what we need because it has to be consistent

You should be able to get it easily.

Let’s find out what I’m eligible for today’s sunshine loan

Is there anything I should be careful to use easily

Let’s find out together.

In the case of sunshine theory, we’re experiencing financial difficulties

It’s a system that’s being implemented by the state to support the common people

Of course, you have to meet the set qualifications

You can’t even apply if you’re not working on income

You may find it a little tricky when you look at the dots.

Therefore, before applying, objectively assess your situation

Let’s analyze it and see if it meets the requirements for a sunshine loan

If there is any shortage, we can improve it and receive it

I need to change it to a condition.

First of all, let’s look at the sunshine requirement: income activity

Of course, it has to be at least three months

You’re in business, you’re in a company, you’re freelance

Evidence of the fact that I earn money during my activities

Only then can you get approval during the screening process.

The next part is about credit ratings

If you’re under 35 million won, it doesn’t matter what grade you’re in

He only does income activities such as running a business or working at a company

If you have it, you can apply easily.

But if your annual income is less than 45 million won

It’s not supposed to be too high. It’s in grades 6 to 10

You can get it only for those with a fixed income.

As you can see from the Sunshine Loan qualification, they launched the Sunshine Loan

The reason is to support the working class economy in the financial blind spot

That’s why people with too good conditions can’t use it

I can define it as a financial product.

I looked at the conditions of the Sunshine Loan

If you check the part, there will be no problem

From now on, let’s learn about the conditions of sunshine

I’ll take it.

In the case of sunshine loans, interest rates are between seven and nine percent

Low-interest products with a limit of up to 15 million won

It’s called.

For the repayment period, choose the desired period between three and five years

I can do it. I can pay back the principal and interest

It’ll take a lot of time and money to repay it

It’s less burdensome because it’s not.

Also, if there is a possible default due to an accident

If it happens repeatedly because interest increases by 3 percent

You can reach the maximum legal interest rate of 24 percent

You have to be careful.

I looked into the composition with the Sunshine Loan qualification

I will find out which organization handles it.

Sunlight loans are handled by savings banks, which are second-tier banks

There are more than 20 branches, and you will proceed in a non-face-to-face manner


They also have mutual financial institutions like Suhyup, Nonghyup, and Sinhyup

You can apply at the cooperative as well, but this place must be open

Because I have to visit, I have to visit with other people at a time like this

There’s a lot of pressure to go face-to-face with savings banks

The advantage is that interest rates are somewhat cheaper compared to that.

But the approval rating tends to be lower than that of savings banks

It’s visible, and it’s a bit disappointing.

So if you’re looking for a sunshine loan qualification

The approval rate is high, and the burden of repayment is low

You’d better proceed, but what’s your situation

All the parts such as what documents are required to be matched

Because it takes a lot of time to verify

If you have one, you’d better get help from an expert.

Today, I’m going to sell Sunshine Loan and Sunshine Loan

Summarize where I am, the sunshine theory

I saw it.

If you want to raise money through sunshine, you can use it

If I’m not sure if I can, I’ll talk to an expert

Do you meet your sunshine qualifications or do you lack anything

Go over it carefully and choose a higher approval rating

If you proceed with it, it will be easy to solve the economic problems

I think you’ll be able to 소액결제현금화 make a new start. It’s hard

I hope you’ll be able to solve the problem in a wise way

That would be great.

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