Italian luxury golf wear windshield

Italy’s premium lifestyle brand # DUVETA # DUVETCA # DUVETICA

We’re wearing a couple of clothes, duvetica windshields, padding,

The fit is beautiful, the material is good, and the activity is easy, so I often get my hands.

On this day, I went to the Duvetika store located on the second floor of Hyundai Department Store Pangyo branch.

# Luxury windbreak # Luxury brand # Women’s golf wear # Golf windbreak # Men’s golf wear is good to find if you are looking for people

The clothes that the mannequins wear are made of couples.

If you are thinking about a couple, please refer to it when you go out of the round.

Duvetica is famous for windshields, but there are many T-shirts and one-man men.

So # Devetika T-shirts are also recommended for those who are looking for luxury T-shirts!

Because of the fandemic, comfortable T-shirts and one-man are essential items these days.

I checked the beautiful and printable items first.

T-shirt VXRT41131

roku LOCU

The T-shirt was the size that men and women could wear together, but it fell into a pretty pit without being too thin.

Shorts, which match together, was also more beautiful because they put a T-shirt on Duvetika products.

It’s full of fresh colors!

T-shirt VURT30131

cuar cUAR

Try on a gray color Duvetika logo T-shirt and light-colored pants that are square and square!

I also liked to wear my pants comfortably because I was winded.

The wind blows are good for me when I exercise, and I think it will be comfortable when I go to the neighborhood.

That’s exactly what golf wear is for!

Top VDST61131

alma alMA

skirt VDSK61131

paralytic MAVI

Caratier Golf Skirt Match!

I also have inner shorts in my skirt, so I think it would be very comfortable to wear when I exercise.

The pit and the line are clean, so it seems to be okay to match here and there, and the cross of the golf club in front is also cute!

They’re both cute in every corner, so I took a detailed shot.

If you put a windshield jumper on it, it’s okay again.

There was a requirement white and blue

I had blue, so I tried it on.

windshield VDWJ01131

altea alTEA

Blue feels like a joke!

For reference, it’s a model called Althea ALTEA.

There is a string below, so I feel a little cute and good.

# Recommendation to those looking for luxury windbreakers!

There are many products in various designs besides the Altea I have worn.

The color is also diverse, so I would like to choose according to my preference!

You can wear windshields when jogging 레플리카 or walking, so you can have a few.

The lime color in the picture looks pretty, so I should try it on when I go back to the store.

and a padding jacket and vest in the store.

I’ve got a photo of it for recommendation because it’s really more useful than I thought.

I thought I could wear it well because it is short-sleeved, but I wore it very often in March-April!!

I wore it when riding, but it is warm, comfortable, light and beautiful, so it is a very satisfying product.

I showed you that Duvetika store

It is located on the second floor of Pangyo branch of Hyundai Department Store, so please refer to it.

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