After Oh Young-seok’s death, I felt like Webhard suddenly lost his tension.

It’s a webhard from the summer of ’19 and now I see it.

I saw it all in three days.

Please be careful because there are many spoilers including the ending.
The monster review is after the Baeksang Arts Awards. Someday…

Webhard begins with the explosion of the Capitol.

The bombing killed the president and other ministers at the Capitol.

Except for the main character, Environment Minister Park Moo-jin.

According to the Constitution of the Republic of Korea, the Minister of Environment becomes president overnight.

Article 71 of the Constitution of the Republic of Korea

When the president is vacant or unable to perform his/her duties due to an accident, he/she shall act on behalf of the members of the State Council prescribed by the Prime Minister’s Act.
First Prime Minister.
The second-ranked Minister of Strategy and Finance.
Secretary of State for Education, number three.

The acting presidency will be handed over in order of etc.

The main character, Park Moo-jin, is the Minister of Environment and is actually the 14th-ranked acting authority.

So it’s impossible, in reality, for an environmental minister to be acting president outside the pecking order.

It’s possible in Korea, where the unprecedented situation has occurred.

Everything from 1st to 13th is dead.

In fact, this webhard is based on an American webhard designated survivor.

Designated Survivor Legislation exists in the United States.

In the United States, when there’s a meeting between the president and government officials, designate one person and stand by in a safe place.

To prepare for this kind of terrorism.

The American webhard is definitely large in scale.

The American Webhard protagonist is also the Housing and Urban Development Secretary at the very end of power.
He’s ranked 11th in the U.S. government.

In fact, the biggest difference between Korean webhard and American webhard is
’60 Days’
It is.

There aren’t 60 days in the American Webhard title.

It’s because the acting president of the United States carries out all remaining terms, but in Korea, the presidential election has to be held again after 60 days.

In other words, the term of office of acting Korean authority is 60 days.

Webhard also has a 60-day story.

Actually, it’s a 30-day story until the 15th.

It’s a story about Professor KAIST, who has no ambition or desire for power, going through a lot and becoming a true politician.

Park Moo-jin is an honest and good person.

Ji Jin-hee’s role played really well.

Don’t Professor KAIST and the minister who became president overnight all fit in?

Sometimes I’m frustrated because I don’t know much about politics, but the crisis of being a “good person” is the point of Webhard’s observation.

Park Moo-jin is the best.

In fact, the character is criticized for being flat.

Han Ju-seung played by Heo Joon-ho and Oh Young-seok played by Lee Joon-hyuk.

There is clearly and certainly a reason why conspirators of terrorism have become evil.

But there’s no reason why Park Moo-jin became a line.

I was just born that honest.

He’s so right and idealistic.

He can’t be in reality.

But I think that’s why the people want the politicians to be.

But until the second half of the year,

I didn’t understand when the NIS agent knew the chief of security didn’t know the political period.

Nevertheless, it’s a role that I can’t imagine unless it’s Ji Jin-hee.

That’s cool. I mean…

Look forward to your trip to the Hwangjo. I’m Cho Seungwoo.

Next, actor Heo Jun-ho.
I’m chief of staff, current chief of policy.

It’s a lot of weight.

He’s keeping the Webhard at the center.

But maybe that’s why the presence of a Blue House traitor was so obvious.

It’s not Heo Jun-ho. Who do you think it is?

The reason Han Ju-seung became a terrorist conspirator is because of President Yang Jin-man, who died in the attack.

Actor Kim Gap-soo, after the opening of the first episode…

Roh Moo-hyun president, whose main motif as of the role.

Heo Jun-ho’s role is also a character that can appear because he is President Lee.

Do you want me to dream of such a dream again, knowing that the good world made by a good president is no longer in this world?

He says the Republic of Korea does not deserve a good president like Yang Jin-man.

I thought Yang Jin-man was mourning the president in the wrong way.

Actor Heo Jun-ho expressed his warm and cold adult image, but he eventually became a political monster.

Ahn Hyun in Kingdom is my favorite character.

Next is Minister Oh Young-seok.

All the male actors in the designated survivors are so handsome.

But there’s someone who shines in a different style.

The designated survivor is actor Lee Joon-hyuk’s video photo book. Really

He looks the most handsome in Korea.She’s a real surprise.

Oh Young-seok is the only survivor of the terror.

I thought you were lucky enough to survive.

CCTV footage shows him entering the 119th air defense shelter hidden inside the National Assembly building just before the attack.

He was hiding because he knew there was going to be a terrorist attack.

The terror conspirators kept him alive.

In Korea, the term “designated survivor” is not used.
Korea is an acting authority.

In that sense, I think the owner of the true webhard title is Oh Young-seok.

On that day, innocent comrades asked and asked why they had to die in the West Sea. But there was no one who answered.

For the Republic of Korea in his position.
I devoted myself to them, but the Republic of Korea abandoned them.

That’s why they started the attack.

If you become president, you’ll get old in five years.

I don’t want to be president.

Maybe it’s because Oh Young-suk left in vain.

After Oh Young-seok’s death, I felt like Webhard suddenly lost his tension.

Lastly, Director Cha Young-jin.

Acting President Park Moo-jin is the top contributor to maintaining his approval rating.

I’m a kingmaker.

Actor Son Seok-gu played the role. I’ve never seen him on this webhard before.

I think he’s the most p2p 순위 attractive character on Webhard.

I liked the mask because it was fresh.

Why don’t you act on behalf of the people’s sovereignty, not acting on behalf of the president?
Will you be a candidate for president? President-elect of the Republic of Korea

I don’t think I’ve been patient enough, so I think I’ve been using it

Designated survivors are fun!

I’m only going to review the fun webhard.

At first, the material was fresh, so I focused on it, and at the second half, I enjoyed finding the existence of the p2p.

Of course, I’d rather… There are parts where I do.

But it was a webhard that you could see in a flash.

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