Officetel mortgages are currently available for real business operators

The last government has introduced a new real estate regulation plan that would apply the regulations that were applied only to apartments to real estate, not land or apartments.
That is, commercial facilities and office buildings are foreshadowing the regulations on loans that are equivalent to apartments. Now, newlyweds are embarrassed to say what this is.
The apartment prices are too expensive and the loans are not coming out, so the people who considered Apatel are embarrassed because they are going to stop Apatel, who has a good loan.
The government suddenly put out these regulations because of the LH buyout, where employees took out large loans from commercial banks and dumped them on the ground.
In this process, the fact that loans to real estate, not apartments, are relatively easy has once again been revealed on the surface.
So the government is trying to tighten lending regulations on non-housing properties, like land, shopping malls and office buildings, and specific regulatory measures will come out this month.
It was the employees who did the wrong thing, but only the newlyweds who were homeless were burned.
Even if you can’t get into an apartment as a newlywed, young people who think of a relatively good Apatel or officetel are naturally heated, because unlike apartments, Apatel is actually applied.
And Apatel can still be homeless, so he can live in a good residential area for a while and be constantly seeking subscriptions.
So, despite the rather expensive price, Apatel was popular with newlyweds, because you can try to subscribe to a comfortable residential environment without worrying about the previous month.
But the government is going to stop it. The newlyweds have some money, so they can enter the apartment or the apatel without a loan.
It is a kind of infringement of private property to prevent people who are able to repay their loans from lending money.
The regulations on loans make sense to the house. In fact, Gangnam apartments only buy gold spoons and cash rich.
A society without ladders quickly loses power, and the government’s job is to give a signal that even if it is born without it, individuals can climb up if they try hard. And the 폰테크 policies that fit them should be accompanied.
But now this government is going the other way. No matter how hard you live, you can not come up here, so you just say that you are satisfied and live. Individual operators can finance a lot of money through officetel mortgage loans.
Officetels are not subject to real estate regulations, but there are many restrictions on financial institutions.
However, if you are a private business operator, you can get a loan with a high limit through relaxed conditions.
In order to receive a lot of personal business office mortgage loans, you must first check the officetel.
This is because the process of the financial institution depends on the area, area, number of households, and market price of the officetel.
The officetel’s price must be exceeded to proceed.
The progress is being conducted in line with the current situation and the necessary funds as senior subordinates.
You can get officetel appraisers in both senior and junior positions.
The seniority is proceeded to the whole loan, and the subordinate can only receive the necessary amount.
The subordinate is set according to the amount set by the mortgage loan that is being senior

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