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Rum, which is made from sugarcane, is made in many Caribbean countries, and the 셔츠룸 rate of evaporation under the hot sun is so fast that the oak barrel aging is shortened. If the annual evaporation of Scotch whiskey is 1~2%, the evaporation of rum produced in the Caribbean is five times or more. So while Scotch whiskey has a three-year minimum ripening period, rum does not specifically limit the ripening period. So, there are a lot of rum that are not mature at all, or mature for a very short period of time.

But there are many attempts to ripen rum for a long time to taste it comparable to whiskey, as rum is also distilled, and the longer the oak barrel is matured, the deeper the flavor comes. Jamaica’s WORTHY PARK distillery released its first Wash Park 12 years in 2018 for the first time. It is a combination of the intention to compete with single malts by making it luxurious from bottle and label design. It appears to have chosen this number because they are confident they will not be compared to 12-year-old mature whiskey.

The rum brand BACARDI, which has the largest sales volume in the world, has also launched a high-skilled premium line. The 16-year Bacardi, released in 2019, matured under the hot sun of the Caribbean for at least 16 years; the launch of rum, which has matured this long, is unusual. In particular, it was released to target the Asian market, which is sensitive to aging training.

I had tasted it for a bottle of Bacardi for sixteen years, and it was certainly a combination of flavors: a sweet taste of rum and peach, and a distinctive vanilla flavor from oak barrels. Especially softness and long finish were impressive, which seems to be the result of a long aging like whiskey.

The Valentine’s Pop-up Space was planned due to the popularity that was successfully completed in November last year at Insa-dong Court in Seoul. ‘Valentine Single Malt Pop-up Space’ is a space that reproduces the tradition and contemporary of the brand. It has received a favorable reputation for giving a different experience of meeting the secret of Valentine’s Single Malt in a hidden space in the city center.

The ‘Valentine Pop-up Space’ will be held at the VIP Lounge on the second floor of Yeouido ‘The Hyundai Seoul’, which is attracting attention as the largest department store in Seoul with its extraordinary space design and innovative store composition. Yeouido ‘The Hyundai Seoul’ is expected to become a representative lifestyle landmark in Seoul, which consists of a culture theme park and a global food culture space with the motif of forests in the city center.

The speciality of the Valentine’s Single Malt is that it is a single malt that represents tradition and modern sensibility. In this Valentine’s Single Malt Pop-up Space, Valentine’s Single Malt will once again offer modern and contemporary sensibility as well as heritage and quality.

Here you can meet a total of five lineups, including the Valentine’s Single Malt Glennburgh 12, 15, 18, Valentine’s Single Malt Glentocus 15, Valentine’s Single Malt Milton Duff 15, and various attractions and events.

“The Valentine’s single malt pop-up space has been added to reward the high response and interest of consumers who sent it to the pop-up space that was introduced last November,” said a Valentine’s official at Perno Rica Korea. “In Yeouido ‘The Hyundai Seoul’, which is expected to become Seoul’s largest department store and lifestyle landmark, I look forward to being able to give a contemporary sensibility. “

Meanwhile, the ‘Valentine Single Malt’ produced at the historic distillery Glenburgh, Miltonduff and Glentocus, located in Spaceside, Scotland, is the three key malt whiskeys that play the most important role in blending Valentine’s whiskey.Since its launch in 2017, it has become a single malt whiskey representing Valentine’s Heritage and modern sensibility

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