He let me go as cool as I can.

Hello! It’s a weekend I was so desperate to last Friday! I’m very curious about your plans for this weekend. I think you can spend a lot of time drinking with your friends, and you have a good time with your lover ~ I am going to have a proper rest time because I have been spending too hard last week because it is too hard this week. I really liked the management I received at the Jongno Swedish Massage Shop last week and I came to introduce you!

The Huestetic shop I visited was located two minutes’ walk from the exit of Jonggak Station, and I went right from the company, so I visited it by public transportation. I was so close to the station that I was easy to find at once. Parking in Jongno is not easy. For those who take the car, they will support free parking for 2 hours, so you can visit comfortably without worrying about parking.

The Swedish Massage Shop is open from 11 am to 5 am. It is open all year round on weekends, so if you make a reservation in advance, it is easy to visit whenever you want to get a massage. However, if the reservation is over 10 minutes, the reservation will be canceled automatically. It would be nice to refer to those who visit. First of all, I disinfected my hand with hand disinfectant, checked my body temperature, wrote a list of people who came in and went to the shop. I’ve been feeling a little bit burdened and scared to stay out for a long time because Corona’s been getting serious these days. Jongno Massage Shop regularly disinfects, and the manager is disinfecting the shop every now and then, so I was able to get out of Corona for a while and get comfortable management.

The interior of the Jongno Swedeish Massage Shop was a casual place, which was much different from the image of the massage shop that I often know. Nowadays, massage shops are said to have increased in number of shops that are unique or sensually decorated like cafes, but when I actually came here, it was very helpful for the diversion.

I enjoyed the colorful color of my eyes. The orange and green were in a subtle harmony. The Swedish Massage Shop seemed to be very concerned about the interior. In addition, the plants in various places also felt like an interior prop, making the atmosphere of the shop better.

I was supposed to drink tea on the side of the shop, and I was at the Jongno Massage Shop, we were having Louis Boss tea, and I’ve been drinking tea with tea bags, but we’ve never had tea before. The flavor was thicker and the taste was much richer than drinking tea bags, so I was able to enjoy tea more delicious than usual.

I chose a program for the Swedish Massage Shop while drinking Louis Boss. It consisted of S course (Swedish) 090 minutes 90,000 won, A course (Romeromi) 060 minutes 100,000 won, B course (Romeromi) 090 minutes 120,000 won, C course 120 minutes 160,000 won.

I chose the S course. I found a Swedish massage shop in Jongno while looking for a good place on the site. All of them were managed by the Korean massage manager in Jongno, and there were many evaluations that their skills were much better than other places. I was so excited that I wanted to skip footbaths and get care quickly

It was sorted out by size, like a clothing store. Every dress has a slightly different side. I like the place where I can wear the clothes I want, but Jongno Massage Shop was able to wear my favorite size and management clothes more comfortably.

The footbath room was a bright atmosphere with bright natural light. Usually there are not many places 인천건마 with windows in massage shops, but the Swedish Massage Shop has a large window that makes it a more comfortable atmosphere.

I prepared you to get a foot bath right at the Jongno Swedish Massage Shop, and you put your feet in warm water with moderate temperature, and the tension and tiredness melted like snow. My hands and feet are usually cold, but I feel good because I feel the circulation of the blood properly because I get foot baths.

I came to my room to get my care after a refreshing foot bath. The Jongno massage manager adjusted it to the dark lights to make it better to be managed. The lights were only slightly dark, but I felt as if I had half closed my eyes.

The Swedish Massage Manager was the first to stretch it overall. I thought I usually stretch at work or at home. I thought that the sound of the bones was different from the experts.

I think you’re looking for a cluster of oils. My back and shoulders were really painful. Before I could say it, you noticed. At first, I felt cool when I got on the hand of Jongno Sweedish Massage Manager.

After 10 minutes of management time, I moved my whole body around, but it was just as easy as the rocks were missing from my shoulders. My back was not as stiff as a child, and I could feel the reason why Jongno Aroma Massage Shop is famous for its ability.
The Swedish Massage Shower Room was clean and clean, and I took a pleasant shower.

The laundry was good, so it was so thick and soaked up the water very quickly. The Swedish Massage Shop was all satisfied with every small one
We finished the management with a simple snack and tea, and it was a Jongno Sweedish massage shop that I wanted to recommend to anyone because it was perfect for facilities, skills, and services.

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